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Indian History for UPSC Prelims (General Studies Paper - 1)


Indian History Study Material for UPSC IAS Pre General Studies (Paper-1)

  • Price: Rs. 799  MRP: Rs. 1600 50% OFF
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789386026415, 9386026414
  • Number of Pages: 480


Topics Covered in Indian History Printed Notes

  • Ancient India
    » Sources of Indian History with mcqs
    » The Harappan Civilization with mcqs
    » The Vedic With mcqs
    » The Mauryan with mcqs
    » (Post Mauryan Period (200 Bc-300ad) with mcqs
    » Gupta & Post - Gupta Period: Society, Economy & Polity with mcqs
  • Medieval India
    » Chronology of Events In Medieval Indiawithmcqs
    » North India Between 750-1200withmcqs
    » The Sultans of Delhiwithmcqs
    » The Mughal Kings With mcqs
    » The Marathas with mcqs
    » Vijayanagar Empirewithmcqs
    » The Saints of Medieval Indiawithmcqs
  • Modern India
    » Indian in the Eighteenth Century
    » Rise of The Regional Powers
    » Economic Impact of the British
    » Indian Renaissance and Reform Movement
    » Early Uprisings against the British
    » The Revolt of 1857
    » Nature and Causes For the Rise of National Movement
    » The Rise of Neo-Nationalists or Extremists
    » The Beginning of The Gandhian Era
    » The National Movements In 1940s
    » Chronology ofthe National Movement
    » The Harappan Culture: Bronze age Civilization
    » The Later vedic Phase
    » Territorial State sand the First Magadhan Empire
    » The Delhi Sultanate
    » Architecture
    » Mughal Empire
    » Social and Cultural awakening in the First Half of the 19th Century
    » The Revolt of 1857
    » Growth of New India - Religious and Social Reform after 1858
    » Nationalist Movement
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